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MRJ + Twitter adorableness (feat. JMo)

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Part 3

Emma knew Neal hoped his father wouldn’t recognize him, but as she thought in horror of being seperated from Henry for centuries, she believed she would still recognize her son, no matter what age. And in all his faults, the best thing about Rumple was his capacity to love. She had seen it with Neal, Henry and Belle. And the joy on Rumple’s face when he saw his long lost child, brought tears to Emma’s eyes.

But she also knew it was hard for Neal to see his father as this sparkle lizard thing (seriously why had no one told her about it). This was the man who let him go, who he was running from for years. And while he had forgiven his present day father, this man before him was another story.

Neal in the Finale: part one, part two

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Has this been done yet or

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We had a deal! A deal! No one! No one breaks deals with me! Hey!  Leave her alone.

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Fans Mourn The Loss Of ‘Once Upon A Time’ Favorite Character, Neal Cassidy


I had a chance to do an opinion piece, so I chose a topic very near and dear to my heart.

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A summary of Baelfire’s life.


- Branded as the coward’s son at birth.
- Grows up for a few years watching his mother verbally abuse his father and being left at home all alone while his mother goes off to drink and his father works
- Mother disappears; forced to believe she was kidnapped and killed horrifically
- Lives in a time of fear with his father, as his friends are being called to the fronts for the Ogre Wars. Knows he will soon be called too. Witnesses more ridiculing of his father.
- Father become the Dark One to protect him, witnesses his father brutally kill some soldiers and innocent people in front of his face. Blames himself for his father’s ruthlessness. 
- Isolated from peers because they are all afraid of his father. 
- Gets ready to leave everything he knows to have a fresh start with his father. Abandoned at portal instead. Enters world that is entirely alien to him. 
- Slaves in awful workhouses where it is indicated that he is mistreated. Starved and homeless, he wanders about the streets of Victorian England. 
- Experiences six months of happiness among the Darlings, then sacrifices himself to a demonic shadow and a land of magic (which he fears) in order to save them. 
- Rescued by pirate, learns skills, feels some happiness, but later finds out he has been manipulated the entire time. 
- Asks to leave the ship and is instead betrayed to Pan. Sleeps fearfully in a cave for 250 years. 
- Finally escapes, but is forced to become a homeless thief because he has no skills to acquire meaningful employment in this world. 
- Meets Emma, finally feels happy for the first time in 250 years. 
- Forced to leave Emma to give her her best chance at breaking the curse and finding her family. 
- Guilt-ridden for having left her. Does his best to ensure that she’ll be okay after her jail time. Supposed guardian angel steals money and fails to uphold his promise to take care of her. 
- Ten years later, still believing Emma would never forgive him, he meets another woman and quickly becomes engaged to her in an attempt to move on with his life. Does not know she is manipulating him.
- Curse breaks, but does not go to find Emma because he does not think she’ll forgive him. 
- Forced to face his father when he and Emma come to Manhattan. Find out he has a son. Guilt-ridden for not having been there for his son. Drops everything in his life to be there for him. 
- Father gets stabbed by assholian pirate, has to battle with evil witches to save his life. 
- Finds out his fiancee has been manipulating him (LIKE PRETTY MUCH EVERY OTHER FUCKING PERSON IN HIS FUCKING LIFE) and is shot. Nearly dies. 
- Wakes up, immediately thinks of love and son, fights like hell to save them in Neverland, the place of his nightmares. 
- Drugged, caged. Son does not even find out what he had done to try to save him. 
- Woman he loves tells him she wishes he had died so that she would not have to confront her pain. Accepts these hurtful words without excuses.
- Finds out that the assholian pirate who had betrayed him before and had run off with his mom now lusts for the woman he loves. 
- Discovers that the family he’d sacrificed himself for was held captive by Pan anyway, so his sacrifice was for naught. 
- Gives lovely speech to son who actually isn’t his son. 
- More bullshit conflict. Separated from love and son AGAIN. Retains hope he will see both once more (but doesn’t get to do so).
- Fights hard to devise a plan to get back to them. Ends up having to exchange his life to save his father’s. 
- Meanwhile, the assholian pirate gets to deliver the memory potion to Emma. 
- Finally gets to see the woman he loves again. Denied the opportunity to see his son though. Guilt-ridden for having missed yet another year of his son’s life. 
- Dies. 
- Meanwhile the pirate who had betrayed him now gets to bond with his son and snog the woman he loved. 

Conclusions: If you’ve been good pretty much all your life in spite of all the crap that happened to you, you’re just going to end up dying without having experienced much happiness. Your abusers will get your happy ending. So don’t bother being kind-hearted and selfless. This is a world in which manipulation and deceit are the keys to success. 

Fuck this show. 

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Oh, thank God. Let’s see ‘em. That’s not as many as I thought. Yeah, but they’re super pricey. This is twenty thousand dollars, easy. Twenty thousand?!           Tallahassee.

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the sun is going down

you’ll be alright
no one can hurt you now

for haley (:

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